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ISAC Learning is a premier competitive exam preparation establishment for JEE Advanced and NEET aspirants. The company is a brainchild of IIT Alumni and is the first in its category with the special Day Boarding Concept. At ISAC, we plan to keep the class size highly specified to enhance every student’s learning curve.

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We at ISAC have dedicated our expertise and resources to identify the root cause of turbulence in a young learner’s journey towards their academic goals. This meticulous research took nearly 1000+ hours of brainstorming sessions and years of experience. Fortunately, we cracked the problem statement and focused on the solution.

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At ISAC, we have devised the strategy to implement constructive discipline amongst our learners. All of this is achieved via our special Day Boarding Concept.

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We have a DREAM…
We have a DREAM to design and construct a space where each team member
works towards a common goal of propelling you towards the highest academic
potential. Your success is our responsibility. No matter what you require for
educational advancement, we Will provide each and every stepping stone Of your
journey. We understand and appreciate that you are Unique; your needs are
different. Therefore, resolutions must be distinctive.



Easy As 1…2…3…

When we researched and analyzed the problems faced during the journey,
after assessing numerous sets of problems, we were able to deduce the
fundamental source cause Of all the difficulties faced by an aspirant in
the journey.
Here goes the problem statement:
ISAC’s Solution : Implementation ofCONSTRUCTIVE DISCIPLINE till the time you are able to stay
at ISAC’S campus. We plan to achieve this by:
• All-time access to the ISAC campus and resources.
• All-time Doubt resolution campaign by subject experts.
• All-time attention and reconfiguration of the journey roadmap to achieve your academic goals.
We call it ISAC’S Dream for You.

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